Patients Health Records Management

Health records of patients start with proper management of their identity. Identity is a foundational element of all blockchain work in Healthcare. Identity solutions have the capability to solve problems in today’s marketplace, while providing structure for tomorrow’s blockchain-based marketplaces. As we look toward a future state, securing the cornerstones of identity and reputation will be critically important. In our healthcare efforts, we are focusing on both Patient Identity and Provider Identity to advance a variety of related use cases.


A patient’s identity, whether it is how a system tracks interactions with a consumer of services, or whether it is the entry point and master record of that individual consumer, is the center of all Healthcare interactions.

• Patient Registries
• Patient Registration Authorities
• Patient Generated Data Collection
• Patient Data Index – predecessor to patient record
• IoT / Wearables
• Self-sovereign Identity



Provider Identity and its related data is foundational to the delivery of healthcare. From graduate medical education to state licensing, medical staff credentialing and health system and payor contracting, the ready availability and reliability of data about a provider’s identity and credentials are paramount to ensuring patient safety and high quality care.

Single provider’s identity is a complex composite of data points. There are multiple elements held by multiple disparate stakeholders like medical schools and residency programs and certifying boards while other data elements tend to change often over the course of a provider’s career such as practice and hospital affiliation, practice location and whether they are accepting new patients. In many circumstances the precise location of a provider or health-worker is a vital, actionable piece of information that is difficult to update.