Husam Yaghi holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from LSU in Baton Rouge, Louisiana (1991-1997) and a Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering from Southern University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana (1979-1984). 

In addition to his long list of accomplishments, two years ago he introduced Blockchain solutions in Saudi Arabia by creating Ateon (; a systems integrator of solutions from distinguished international partners.

Spoke at conferences in KSA, Dubai, and London.  Built a strong dedicated team, educated and coached the team, and within less than a year, the company won contracts; which were reported on by international media.  In July 2018, Ateon was acquired by Alhamrani Universal (  

Here is a sample of accomplishments of the Ateon team:  ateon-accomplishments   and here is an updated profile of Dr. Yaghi since you might be interested.   Husam_Yaghi_profile