At the golden age of 60+, Dr. Husam is thankful for his ability to continue giving and innovating, almost like when he was in his thirties. His first venture was back in 1986 when he co-founded GloboNet. Now, he’s building the first commercial metaverse, Orbit World Metaverse, to support several billion-dollar brick-and-mortar companies in Saudi Arabia and globally which also uses a utility cryptocurrency for transactions and loyalty rewards.

In early 2016, he introduced Blockchain solutions in Saudi Arabia. He built Ateon, the first Blockchain fintech systems integrator in Saudi Arabia; which is in a quadrant of its own in the FintechSaudi Landscape.  Then he built BlocMint, and few other startups.  Now he’s building a Family Payment, Saving, Investment, and Education platform, FataFeat.

Around 2014, he coached his teenage boys into entrepreneurship at ages 13 & 14. They built three companies – Chillax, AidMaid, and BlocMint. They have appeared in ArabianBusiness, Forbes, Endeavour, Wamda, and BBC. His daughter, at age 10, created a charitable foundation she called “Smiles” to bring some joy to less fortunate kids.


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