There’s no question that cardless ATMs are an improvement over current cash delivery systems, and they’re naturally more secure and convenient. But, when will we see cardless ATMs that authenticate users over a closed-loop Blockchain network?

Dr. Husam Yaghi designed for Ateon, the first Blockchain solutions provider in Saudi Arabia, a system by which users are securely authenticated when accessing a participating ATM machine.

A QR-code appears on the ATM screen, the user open his bank’s mobile app, scans the shown QR-code, the devices communicate over a Blockchain network, if authentication is successful, a menu pops up for the user to withdraw money, check balance, or whatever allowed by her bank.

The revolution here is “most secure login”, no card to insert nor an NFC to be intercepted. Yaghi’s team built the solution using an innovative technology from one of the best in the field, ShoCard (

Just ten years ago, the idea that you could walk up to an ATM, wave your phone at it, and walk away with cash in your pocket would have sounded almost magical.  Cardless ATMs are more secure than a traditional ATM. With the growing prevalence of “skimmers” and NFC interceptors, a cardless system defeats such scams using the latest and most secure means of system access.