Blockchain PoS

Blockchain PoS

A more detailed proposal was shared in late 2017 with few central banks and companies in the Middle East, but no action.

Now, MasterCard is preparing to offer a solution to protect the identity of consumers at the point-of-sale: “People lose money from their credit cards in a mysterious way just because someone duplicated the card details at a point of sale. Globally, people lose more than $2 billion every year to credit card skimmers. Mastercard wants to solve this predicament using the blockchain.”


PoSChain: a Blockchain-based private network for settlement of POS financial transactions and VAT Reporting.


  1. Reduce operational cost
  2. Increase profit
  3. Support cryptocurrency when permitted
  4. Immediate settlement (benefits to merchants)
  5. Prevent double debiting to customers
  6. Immediate reporting or collection of sales tax/VAT

Commercial Plan:

  1. A minimal transaction fee to be charged to merchants; US$ 0.01 per transaction.
  2. A monthly support fee of US$10 per POS terminal.

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