How to Nurture a Generation of Young Entrepreneurs

By:  Husam Yaghi

Beyond the vast oil reserves, a different kind of wealth glistens in the sands of Saudi Arabia: the boundless potential of its young minds. These aren’t just dreamers; they’re coders, makers, changemakers, their fertile imaginations already shaping the Kingdom’s tomorrow. From drone-delivered medical supplies in remote villages to innovative platforms connecting local artists with the world, their ventures are not mere whispers in the desert wind, but a symphony of ingenuity echoing across the land.

In Jeddah, teenagers aren’t simply dreaming of a brighter future; they’re constructing it. Take the dynamic duo, Amer and Mohamed Yaghi, who, as young as 13 and 14, captured hearts and headlines with AidMaid, their innovative solution to a pressing health concern. Their story is a testament to youthful ingenuity and the supportive ecosystem nurturing such creativity in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia’s young minds are setting the world ablaze with their ingenuity. Winning competitions like the MIT Arab Startup Competition is more than just a trophy; it’s a beacon of hope, a testament to the transformative power of nurturing young innovators. Their victories align with the Kingdom’s bold vision, showcasing the fertile ground cultivated for its youth to flourish. Each triumph ignites not just personal dreams, but a national flame of ambition, fueling a future built on boundless potential.

Within this ecosystem of youthful potential, dreams bloom like desert flowers under the nurturing sun of support. Every kind word from a parent is a dewdrop glistening on a budding idea, every government initiative a life-giving raincloud, and every act of mentorship a guiding vine leading towards the sky. Parents till the fertile soil of their children’s hearts, planting seeds of creativity, watering them with praise, and teaching them to weather the storms of the ever-changing world. This collective effort, like a symphony of encouragement, ensures that the entrepreneurial spirit takes root and soars.

Fueling this entrepreneurial spirit is a vibrant ecosystem, nourished by both individual creativity and a robust network of government initiatives. Here’s how Saudi Arabia is actively fostering a new generation of innovators:

  • Spark Labs: Launched by the Misk Foundation, this program provides aspiring entrepreneurs with workshops, mentorship, and even funding, transforming ideas into reality.
  • KAUST University’s Innovation Camps: High schoolers don’t just build platforms; they build bridges.
  • Government-organized Hackathons: Captivating events challenge teenagers to tackle real-world issues like environmental sustainability and social development through technology. These hackathons spark collaboration, ignite innovation, and prove that age is no barrier to solving global problems.
  • National Initiatives: Vision 2030, a transformative national plan, prioritizes nurturing a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem. This includes simplifying business regulations, promoting access to funding, and creating dedicated accelerators and incubators.
  • Investment in STEM Education: The government is actively enhancing STEM education across all levels, equipping young minds with the foundational skills needed to thrive in the technology-driven future.

Whether you’re a parent, a young innovator, or a supporter of youth empowerment, Saudi Arabia invites you to join the movement.


  • Embrace your child’s curiosity, providing resources and space to explore their passions.
  • Celebrate every achievement, building confidence and encouraging persistence.
  • Involve your child in financial decisions, fostering responsible financial habits.
  • Share your own entrepreneurial journey, inspiring them to believe in their potential.


  • Enroll your child in Spark Labs workshops or become a mentor, sharing your expertise and supporting the next generation of innovators.
  • Encourage youth participation in KAUST University’s Innovation Camps.
  • Support government-organized hackathons by volunteering, judging, or spreading the word.
  • Share stories of young Saudi entrepreneurs on social media, inspiring others to believe in the transformative power of innovation.

The entrepreneurial spirit knows no age limits, no boundaries. In Saudi Arabia, it thrives in the hearts of teenagers and veterans alike, fueled by a collective belief in a brighter tomorrow. Let’s stand shoulder-to-shoulder, parents, mentors, entrepreneurs, and dreamers, creating a fertile ground where every idea takes root and every ambition takes flight. This is not a spectator sport; it’s a shared symphony of progress, echoing across the sands and beyond. Let the future be defined by the boundless potential we unleash, together.

Disclaimer: “This blog post was researched and written with the assistance of artificial intelligence tools.”