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Blockchain for Islamic Finance

Blockchain is a revolutionary technology which has the potential to disrupt various sectors, but has not yet gained the mainstream acceptance it deserves, partly because of its first application, bitcoin, which has soaked up headlines with negative news.  Despite the hype, Blockchain offers true value to many industries including Islamic finance.  The convergence of Blockchain

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Amazon is a threat to banks

Amazon is a threat to banks — just not in the way you think by: TANAYA MACHEEL | AUGUST 28, 2017 • Amazon is disrupting banks, but not because they’re stealing customers; because they’re becoming more and more dependent on public clouds like Amazon Web Services • Amazon may not want to displace banks that

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Interview with Husam Yaghi

Tell us about Ateon I Co-Founded Ateon (www.ateon.net) in 2016 to offer FinTech solutions to clients in Saudi Arabia.  Ateon was the first company to offer Blockchain-based FinTech solutions in Saudi Arabia and among the first in the region. Why Blockchain? Blockchain is the future as it offers infinite solutions to many of our unsolved

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